Board of Directors

The members of our board of directors are prominent business professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, community leaders and philanthropists. They provide strategic direction, and guide us in building and developing programs and partnerships.

Honorary Co-Chairs

  • Dr. Hang-Sheng Cheng
, President Emeritus, The 1990 Institute
  • Dr. Donald Kennedy
, President Emeritus, Stanford University
  • Dr. Robert T. Parry
, President, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Dr. Harold T. Shapiro
, President Emeritus, Princeton University
  • Senator Adlai E. Stevenson III, Former U.S. Senator (D. Illinois)
  • Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang, Former U.S. Ambassador, Asian Development Bank

Executive Committee

Board Members

Jeffrey Bissell
James T. Caldwell
Henry Chan
Daniel K. H. Chao
Joan Chen
Paul Cheng
Alice Chiang
Richard Chong
Del Christensen
Robert Cox

Bill Fuller
Ben Fong-Torres
Reuven Glick
Douglas K.T. Ho
Tonia Chao Hsieh
Anthony Hsu
Ming Hsu
Timothy Kochis
Teresa Kong
May Koo

Rosalyn C. Koo
Bill Kwong
Lucille Lee
Margaret Liu Collins
Jiong Ma
Willa Qian
Sandra Pan
Marsha Vande Berg
Brian A. Wong
Reuben S.F. Wong
Robert S. Wu
Katherine Xu
Janet Yang
Michael S. Yang
Stephanie Yang
Grace Yu
Janie Yu
Victor Young
Vivi Zau

1990 Institute Founders

In April 1990, our founders C.B. Sung and Hang-Sheng Cheng had the foresight to establish the Institute as an economic research think tank to help assist China’s modernization.  Today, the 1990 Institute’s mission is to broaden understanding and build trust between the people of the United States and China through education, philanthropy, and collaboration.  Please read more about our history and founders here

Founders salute_lg