All-China Women’s Federation Meets with 1990 Institute Delegation

On November 8, 2013, the leaders of the International Liaison Department of the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF), including Director-General Mu Hong and Director of American & Oceanian Division Li Xiaoxing, hosted a delegation from The 1990 Institute for lunch.

During the meeting, Institute delegation members, VP Lucille Lee, Board of Directors Member Vivi Zau and Executive Director Susan Lai, discussed the Institute’s current programs in collaboration with the Women’s Federation, Spring Bud, Microfinance and the Mural Painting Festival at CNCC, and the Institute’s desire to build on the relationship and develop new programs together. Delegation members also introduced the Institute’s other programs, America-China Exchange (ACE) and Teachers Workshop, and expressed a desire to expand these programs. Director-General Mu and Director Li voiced their support for continuing to work with The 1990 Institute.

After lunch, the Institute delegation visited ACWF’s museum, which had a special exhibition on the 100 most influential women, showing women in every profession.


1990 Institute Delegation Visits China National Children’s Center

On November 7, 2013, a 1990 Institute delegation with VP Lucille Lee, Board of Directors Member Vivi Zau and Executive Director Susan Lai, met with the leadership of the China National Children’s Center (CNCC), including Director Cong Zhongxiao, Deputy Director Yuan Lixin and Chief of Educational Activities Dept. Wang Xiujiang.

Over the past years of collaboration, The 1990 Institute and CNCC have developed a strong partnership in implementing programs, such as the Children’s Art and the Environment Contest and the International Mural Painting Festival. Both the Institute and CNCC would like to continue to develop new programs and work together. Institute delegation members explained our new mission and our focus on education and exchange programs for students and teachers. The leaders of CNCC were very enthusiastic about collaborating on such cross-cultural exchange programs, because they have experience with exchange programs to Germany, Korea and other countries. CNCC is the leading center for after-school activities and for teacher training in after-school activities. CNCC offers many classes and activities in the areas of child development, family education, and interest-based activities, such as painting, music, dance, technology, etc. Both parties agreed to study and explore future collaborative programs in education and exchange.

A Group of Students in Front of the 2013 Mural Painting
A Group of Students in Front of the 2013 Mural Painting

Perspective Painting in Late Imperial China: A Symposium in Honor of James Cahill

Don’t miss this great symposium on Chinese painting organized by the Institute of East Asian Studies. The speakers and panelists are a who’s who in the Chinese art history field.


Conference/Symposium: Center for Chinese Studies: Institute of East Asian Studies | November 22 | 3 p.m. |  Institute of East Asian Studies (2223 Fulton, 6th Floor)


Eugene Wang, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art, History of Art & Architecture, Harvard University

Pat Berger, History of Art, UC Berkeley

Sophie Volpp, East Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Berkeley

Richard Vinograd, Christensen Fund Professor in Asian Art, Department of Art & Art History, Stanford University; Nancy Berliner, Curator of Chinese Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS)Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film ArchiveCenter for Chinese Studies (CCS)


In tribute to James Cahill’s fundamental insights regarding Chinese experiments with perspectival representation during the late-imperial period, the Institute for East Asian Studies will host a symposium on perspective in Chinese painting to accompany “Beauty Revealed,” an exhibition at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.


ieas@berkeley.edu, 510-642-2809


1990 Institute Delegation Visits Pucheng County

On November 5, 2013, a 1990 Institute delegation visited Pucheng County, one of the poorest counties in Shaanxi, approximately one and a half hours’ drive from Xi’an and the site of the Institute’s Microfinance Program. The 1990 Institute made another donation of US$50,000 on October 3, 2013, bringing the total Institute donation amount to half a million dollars since the inception of the Microfinance Program.

The Institute delegation met with Secretary General Xi Yuehong of the Pucheng County Women’s Sustainable Development Association (PCWSDA) and her staff to get an update on the latest activities. PCWSDA now has approximately 2,400 borrowers in 98 villages, located in seven counties. The average loan amount is RMB 4,000, with the minimum loan amount of RMB 3,000 and the maximum loan amount of RMB 6,000. Teams of 3 to 6 borrowers countersign each other’s loans, and 98% of the borrowers are women. PCWSDA also educates the borrowers on business management, and train and support them in starting their own businesses. PCWSDA’s clients continue to maintain a 100% loan repayment rate, allowing the capital to be loaned over and over again.

PCWSDA recently received another award,最佳普惠金融奖 (Best Finance for Public Good Award) from the China Microfinance Association and Citi Group. PCWSDA was one of 286 companies or organizations that applied for the award and one of only 20 to be nominated. There were only two microfinance associations in the top 20. PCWSDA was judged to have the best administrative structure by experts from Beijing (Academy of Sciences, etc.), while Xixiang, another microfinance association in Shaanxi, was cited for being the best at risk management.

That afternoon, the Institute delegation visited several borrowers to see first hand how the loans were being utilized. Delegation members were gratified to learn about the various businesses the borrowers were able to establish in order to improve their families’ economic situation.

PCWSDA Loan Officer (left) with a Team of Borrowers
PCWSDA Loan Officer (left) with a Team of Borrowers
Dan Chao and Xi Yuehong with Awards
Dan Chao, Chairman of The 1990 Institute and Secretary General Xi Yuehong, PCWSDA, hold most recent awards

1990 Institute Delegation Meets with Shaanxi Women’s Federation

A 1990 Institute delegation traveled to Xi’an at the beginning of November to meet with Institute partners. The delegation members were Dan Chao, Chairman, Lucille Lee, VP, Vivi Zau, Member of the Board of Directors, Brian Wong, Member of the Board of Directors and Susan Lai, Executive Director.

The delegation met with the leadership of the Shaanxi Women’s Federation, including new Chairwoman Jing Jianping and Vice Chairwoman Zhang Ying. The Institute delegation made a presentation to the Chairwoman Jing and her team to introduce the Institute and our programs. The delegation expressed our desire to continue working closely with the Shaanxi Women’s Federation, not only on the existing programs, but also on developing new programs in the areas of education and exchange for students and teachers. Chairwoman Jing Jianping expressed her support of The 1990 Institute, and was enthusiastic about developing an exchange program. She herself had studied in the U.S. for six months at UC Berkeley and Stanford, and her son has also benefited from exchange programs.

Chairwoman Jing suggested that the Shaanxi Women and Children’s Activity Center, would be the perfect venue for a new exchange program. The Institute delegation then visited the center, a very large, modern complex with hotel rooms, dining hall, classrooms, performance spaces, and conference rooms. Each month thousands of children take classes or participate in activities at the center, including dance, music, language, etc. The center has hosted exchange programs with children from other provinces in China, as well as children from abroad. The Institute delegation members welcomed the opportunity to develop an exchange program with The Shaanxi Women’s Federation, and will study the feasibility of such a program.

Meeting with Shaanxi Women's Federation


1990 Institute Delegation Meets with Shaanxi Women and Children’s Development Foundation

On November 4, 2013, a 1990 Institute delegation met with Ms. Sun Lei, the Secretary General of the Shaanxi Women and Children’s Development Foundation (SWCDF), and her staff to find out about the work of the Foundation.

After the 2008 earthquake, the Shaanxi Women’s Federation decided to establish its own foundation to raise and receive funds. The Shaanxi Women and Children’s Development Foundation was officially registered in November of 2009 and started operations on July 1, 2010. Ms. Sun is very proud of that the Foundation is rated as a 4A charitable organization, one of only 8 foundations in Shaanxi with a 4A rating. Their donors can take a 12% tax deduction, one of only 16 organizations in Shaanxi to qualify for this tax deduction.

SWCDF is the only foundation that serves women and children in Shaanxi. Ms. Sun and her staff shared with Institute members some of the Foundation’s programs, such as building and renovating school kitchens so students can have a hot lunch, helping abandoned kids in rural areas, and providing scholarships to the poorest and brightest girls in rural counties.

The 1990 Institute delegation members were all impressed by the work of the Foundation, and resolved to find ways to work together in the areas of education and exchange for the students and teachers of Shaanxi.

Meeting with Shaanxi Women and Children's Foundation



Unique Challenges and Risks for Chinese Americans Working in America

Former 1990 Institute board member, George Koo, is one of the speakers at this special forum, organized by Monte Jade Science & Technology Association, C100, and AAMA.

  • Event Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013
  • Time: 6:30PM-9:00PM
  • Speakers:
    Nelson Dong, Partner, Co-Head, Asian Law Group, Head, National Security Law
    Group, Dorsey & Whitney; Committee of 100 member.
    George Koo, Former Deloitte China business consultant; Committee of 100 member; Board of Directors of public Las Vegas Sands and not-for-profit New America Media.
  • Location: ITRI International, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite 140, San Jose, CA95134
  • Contact Info: service@montejade.org
  • Register:  Link to Registration Page
  • Please register in advance and pay on site
  • $10, extra $5 for site registration
  • Speech is delivered in English; tea, coffee, water and snacks are provided

The Committee of 100, www.committee100.org, has assembled a presentation for ethnic Chinese professionals in America on the legal environment in which they work, including the complex laws on trade secrets, espionage and export controls in the U.S. In this talk, we will highlight the risks posed by these laws, including the danger of racial profiling due to the sometimes difficult geopolitical relationship between the U.S. and China and the consequences that can then affect Chinese and Chinese Americans in the workplace. For various reasons that we will discuss, ethnic Chinese continue to be the focus of many such criminal investigations involving national security, IP theft and export control violations. We therefore believe the subject of the workshop to be of utmost and timely relevance to today’s working professionals.