Bill Kwong, currently a member of the 1990 Institute’s Program Committee, has been its Director since its earlier days. As a seasoned educator, Mr. Kwong was invited to join the organization when the Institute became increasingly interested in broadening its impact in youth and teacher education. Over the years, Mr. Kwong has participated in a number of the Institute’s educational and environmental initiatives. He looks forward to future opportunities to get
involved in the areas of partnerships, education, and programs.

Bill Kwong is a global programs educator and administrator who focuses on creating transformative experiences for students and for life-long learners. He has deep experience in intercultural communication and has designed and managed programs to facilitate intercultural learning and understanding. He is knowledgeable in educational practices in the U.S. and in Asia. He is passionate about helping people discover the unique intersections of culture, history and current events during their travels and study. As an educator in independent schools, his professional experience spans both the classroom and as an administrator. 

In his most previous position before retirement, Mr. Kwong served as the Director of Global Initiatives at Crystal Springs Uplands School. In that role, Mr. Kwong has taken students, teachers, administrators, and interested individuals to China and to other Asian countries on study tours since 1991. The objectives of his tours are: community service, historical learning, people-to-people exchange, and cultural immersion.

Mr. Kwong is a seasoned educator and has worked at independent schools in New York City and in San Francisco Bay area for a total of 35 years. In addition to his commitment to the 1990 Institute, Mr. Kwong regularly volunteers at LifeMoves homeless shelters, the Arbor Bay School for students with learning differences, Second Harvest Food Bank, Self-Help for the Elderly, Avalon Academy for students with movement disorder, and Sunrise Senior Living. A native of Hong Kong, Mr. Kwong obtained his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and has master’s degrees from New York University and Stanford University. In 2011, Mr. Kwong was the recipient of the Mayor’s Diversity Celebration Award given to a member of the Hillsborough community by the County of San Mateo.