1990 Institute is proud to announce our newest program: BOOK BONANZA. Through 1990 Institute, BOOK BONANZA provides the most interesting books on modern China to readers of all ages through the US public library system. There are about 120,000 US public libraries, visited approximately 1.5 billion times per year. Now that’s a lot of Americans with whom we can share information about modern China!

1990 Institute has reached out to university professors, and high school and middle school teachers specializing in modern China to create a curated list of books on modern China for all ages, from kindergarten to adult. We consider the list to be a work in progress, and from time to time, books will be added or dropped.

Our program kicked off on January 27, 2019 with a presentation by John Pomfret, author of the acclaimed Beautiful Country and Middle Kingdom. He was in conversation with author and correspondent Scott Tong at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library.

Check our website from time to time—as we arrange the program, we’ll post a list of participating programs. Is the program not in a library near you? You can take our BOOK BONANZA list to your library and some of the books may already be on the shelves. It is sometimes possible to order the books to be delivered from other libraries if they are not readily available for you. E-books may be available from your local branch, and will be available through the San Francisco Public Library system.

More info about Book Bonanza:

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