The 1990 Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-political, not-for-profit organization based in San Francisco, California.

Founded in 1990, the 1990 Institute’s mission has always been to promote the development of a constructive relationship between the U.S. and China through leadership, education, collaboration, and philanthropy.  

Starting this year, we will also be championing for fair and equal treatment for all Asian Americans in the U.S.

China and the U.S. have the two largest economies in the world and are closely intertwined.  Global harmony relies on a constructive relationship between these two countries across many sectors, sometimes as collaborators and sometimes as competitors. The 1990 Institute believes that the two governments, businesses, institutions, organizations, and citizens will be better served by communicating honestly and frequently, learning from each other, and interacting constructively.

From Chinatown to the suburbs, from working the fields to working in labs, from starting businesses to working in government or hospitals, Asian Americans have made significant contributions to the U.S. way of life – just like other Americans. And yet, perhaps precipitated by the current cold war between the two countries,  there has been increasing misunderstanding and mistrust of the Asian American community.    Through our programs, the 1990 Institute hopes to bring about a broader understanding and trust of this community by the general public.

By producing videos, panel discussions, data gathering, research, and other activities, the Institute intends to amplify the voices of Asian Americans and raise the visibility of key issues,  We also aim to broaden the understanding of issues faced by the U.S. and China, and illuminate the impact this relationship has on Asian Americans and indeed all Americans.

The 1990 Institute has a long history of working to improve U.S.-China relations and we will bring this experience to the national dialogue on Asian Americans. We invite you to join our mailing list, check out our programs, volunteer, and get involved with us.

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