From The Atlantic | November 16, 2016

The Lessons of Henry Kissinger

By Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic

Shortly after The Atlantic published “The Obama Doctrine” earlier this year, the magazine’s editor in chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, sat down with Henry Kissinger for a wide-ranging interview on foreign policy and advice for the next president. Goldberg reached Kissinger for his reaction to Trump’s surprising victory. Of the president-elect, Kissinger said: “We must give him an opportunity to develop his philosophy.” While he won’t reach out to Trump, “If he asks me to come see him, I will.” Later, Kissinger offered this advice for how Trump should present himself to the world, saying: “First, [he should] demonstrate that he is on top of known challenges. Second, [he should] demonstrate that he is reflecting about the nature of their evolution. A president has an inescapable responsibility to provide direction: What are we trying to achieve? What are we trying to prevent? Why? To do that, he has to both analyze and reflect.” An edited and condensed rendition of Goldberg’s conversation with Kissinger is featured in the magazine:

The Lessons of Henry Kissinger excerpt:

On Wednesday, the day the country, and the world, were just beginning to absorb the shock of Donald Trump’s victory, I spoke with Kissinger by telephone to get his postelection thoughts. He told me that he was expecting other nations, particularly the great powers, to enter a period of intense study, in order to understand how they should respond to a Trump presidency. He also said he expected the Islamic State, or other similarly minded jihadist organizations, to test Trump early by launching attacks, in order to provoke a reaction (or, he suggested, an overreaction).

“Nonstate groups may make the assessment that Trump will react to a terror attack in a way that suits their purposes,” Kissinger said….

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