Since 2007, the Institute has helped finance over 14,000 micro loans totaling over RMB 44 million (US$7 million) to impoverished families through the Pucheng County Women’s Sustainable Development Association (PCWSDA) in Shaanxi Province. We have provided governance, management advice, and oversight  to the Association, as well as over U.S. $500,000 in donations to the Association.

This micro finance program is based on the Grameen model of having non-related borrowers form teams of 5 borrowers each,  with the team held responsible for everyone’s repayment within the team.

As of July, 2014,  PCWSDA has a loan portfolio of approximately 2500 borrowers with an average loan amount of $450. The program has maintained a 100% repayment rate since inception. It is financially, managerially, and operationally sustainable, and has won accolades from the Chinese Microfinance Association, the Grameen Foundation, and Citicorp.

The PCWSDA microfinance program is now one of the largest non-government sponsored microfinance institutions in China. PCWSDA has presented at the Grameen Foundation conference on “Micro Credit Performance Management and Client Protection Training” as well as conducting training sessions for other microfinance institutions in China.