Why are so many first-generation Chinese immigrants supporting Donald Trump?

November 3, 2016


Kaiser Kuo

My wife, Fanfan, dislikes politics. It’s an attitude not at all uncommon among Chinese of her generation, who still remember the Cultural Revolution and have an instinctive aversion to ideological stridency in any form. By contrast, I’m fascinated by things political and will confess that as a general rule (and only to a point), the more conflict involved, the greater the fascination politics holds for me. And so as I prepared to repatriate to the U.S., as we did in June of this year after 20 years in Beijing, I was naturally excited not only to be doing so in a presidential election year, but also to be moving to a bona-fide battleground state: North Carolina. With its 15 electoral votes and important gubernatorial and Senate races this year, I was eager to plunge in…

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