Dear 1990 Institute Community,

Our 6th annual China Now seminar on modern China for teachers and the general public was held recently, and I’m pleased to forward you links to the lectures. New this year, the simulcast more than tripled last year’s attendance. As a result, not only will we see lessons on modern China extended to classrooms across the U.S., we also reached a broad general audience. 

The lectures presented below are extremely interesting and current – much of our content is truly unique. Rob Schmitz of NPR Shanghai spoke about life on a neighborhood level; Mei Zhang discussed touring China in a more authentic way; and Janet Yang talked about modern Chinese cinema. Clayton Dube, head of the US-China Institute at USC, moderated. Richard Madsen described religion today in China and Tobias Smith spoke about the modern Chinese legal system at the grassroots level. Don’t miss our other speakers, all listed below. Watching these talks is a great way to learn more about the world’s largest and most populated country. 

Through education, we can increase understanding. Through understanding, we can increase openness and empathy.

Warm regards,

Cora Yang
Executive Director

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