Engages: Our Platform of Education Programs We have arrived at a critical juncture in U.S. – China relations and we believe the urgency has never been greater to take action to deepen cross-cultural understanding at a people-to-people level. Whether you’re a young student, a Silicon Valley professional, or an old “China hand.” our platform of education programs strive to take you beyond the headlines, offer fresh insights into China’s globalization and trends, and spark substantive dialogue.  We always welcome new ideas,  speaker suggestions, and partner referrals to grow the diversity of our content and broaden our impact.


Engages: Middle & High School Teachers US-China Experts & Academics     MODERN CHINA CURRICULUM INCLUSION INITIATIVE By working since 2013 with teachers, CNFT helps address the American student knowledge gap on contemporary China.  We annually host a Teachers Workshop that brings U.S.-China experts together to update teachers of social studies, Mandarin and other subjects on current China topics and to help them increase the hours taught on modern China.We also offer resources for developing lesson plans and other teaching materials on modern China (defined as post-Cultural Revolution).Our ultimate aim is to inspire pre-college students to explore China further, through travel, culture, Mandarin/Chinese language studies and other dimensions.


Engages: Youth Age 13-25 & their Families Middle & High School Teachers US-China Film, Media & Entertainment, Business, and Education Executives       VIDEO STORYTELLING CONTEST Youth Voices is a project-based learning experience that encourages youth to learn about modern China and share their voice through video prompts and social media challenges, while honing interviewing & storytelling skills.Our $30K contest includes a Public Vote Challenge, a “red-carpet”-style Video Festival & Awards Bash, finalists’ showcase video coaching from film & industry experts, mentorship lunch prizes, and in-class presentations from our YVOC team at schools in California, Hawaii and elsewhere.    Our jury is led by the acclaimed actress/filmmaker Joan Chen.Our first YVOC contest was held in 2015.  Since then, teachers of social studies, film/video, and Mandarin typically offer YVOC as a class assignment or extra credit project. Students have also competed in YVOC on their own.

Engages: U.S.-China Watchers &  the General Public Business, Education & Arts Communities   THOUGHT LEADER SERIES & CULTURE Drawing on our ties to the  tech, finance, arts & entertainment sectors, our public speakers have included ChinaVest CEO Bob Theleen, U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Alibaba’s Brian Wong, Hollywood producer Janet Yang, acclaimed playwright Stan Lai, former Ambassador to China David Rank, and more.  We have also hosted film screenings, opera & music performances and culinary events.

Engages: U.S.-China Watchers &  the General Public Business, Education & Arts Communities     ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM & IGNITE AWARDS Our signature fundraising event started in 2016,  evolving from simple Annual Dinner concept with a Speaker.  In 2017, we added a daytime Symposium program to spark more substantive dialogue.  Our annual event brings together our community to hear from prominent U.S.-China thought leaders and our IGNITE Awards recipients, whose significant contributions are forging new perceptions of China, the Chinese and Chinese culture. Our 2017 event brought in over 390 attendees who enjoyed a hearing from 18 panelists and keynote speakersmusic by guzheng virtuoso Wu Fei, unique live auction packages to bid on, and delectable food – especially appetizers and desserts from our IGNITE Culinary Award chefs. Our Teacher-Student Access Fund helps subsidize tickets for youth and educators at this event and other events.