In this critical time of U.S.-China relations, our goal of educating Americans and Chinese to bridge the familiarity gap between our history, accomplishments, customs and education is as important as ever to the stability of our countries and to the future of our children. 1990 Institute has four programs to accomplish our mission:

China Now


CHINA NOW focuses on teacher professional development, providing two-day workshops so that American teachers can learn about modern China. American teachers, who otherwise have little or no knowledge about modern China, then bring lessons about China to their classrooms across the US. The lectures from our July, 2018 CHINA NOW workshop are online at These lectures provide an in-depth look at modern China through interactive presentations by China experts in a variety of disciplines. Our 2018 offering included NPR Shanghai Correspondent Rob Schmitz, Mei Zhang of WildChina, Professor Scott Rozelle of Stanford University and five other experts. The 100 teachers who participated will bring their increased knowledge about modern China to 7,500 students. Our 2019 workshop will be held July 26 and 27, 2019. Sign up for our newsletter to receive more information on our CHINA NOW seminar.

1990 Video Contest


1990 Institute also offers a program that shares stories from the Chinese American diaspora which would otherwise be untold. 1990 VIDEO CONTEST encourages both students and adults to capture authentic truths through video. The winners of our 2018 contest are highlighted on our website, As a result of our contest, 1990 Institute is able to share personalized experiences of Chinese and Americans, building a bridge to greater mutual understanding. Our current contest, “What’s in Your Wok?”, captures stories at the intersection of food, culture, personal backgrounds and family history. Sign up here for more information about our contest.

Book Bonanza

BOOK BONANZA provides the most interesting books on modern China to readers of all ages through the US public library system. Upon consultation with university professors and teachers specializing in modern China, 1990 Institute has assembled a carefully curated list of books of interest to all ages, from kindergarten to adult. 1990 Institute collaborates with libraries across the US to place the books in the libraries. These books are then borrowed by individuals, read and returned to the public library for the next reader, allowing each book to be read by hundreds over time. 1990 Institute also cooperates with libraries to market this book reading program on modern China through email and the internet.

Penpal Pengyou

PENPAL PENGYOU connects young students in paired classrooms in the U.S. and China through technology. 1990 Institute locates and matches teachers of similarly aged students in the US and China, then provides technology to the teachers of the matched classrooms so that they can develop projects together. 1990 Institute will be posting the fruits of this program in a few months. This form of politically neutral, culturally rich communication between teachers and students in China and the US is at the heart of 1990’s mission of increasing understanding between our two countries.