In 2001, the Institute had guaranteed tuition, room and board funding to 1,000 impoverished girls in rural Shaanxi Province to restart schooling from 4th grade up through college, as long as their academic performances permit.

All 1,000 girls graduated from middle school (9th grade in China). 275 girls graduated from key high schools, and 200 completed vocational schools. 152 girls have now graduated from college in summer of 2014, majoring in disciplines such as law, computer science, engineering, mathematics, education, and foreign languages. Two girls are continuing in their 5th year of medical school.  16 girls who were not able to get into college in 2010 but were able to pass the entrance exams in 2011 are now in their 4th year of college.

Of the girls who graduated this year,  20 have decided to go back to their local villages or towns to teach for two years.   Their teaching salaries are also being subsidized by the 1990 Institute.