The Youth Voices on China |  Video Contest is the 1990 Institute’s signature education initiative to foster better global awareness among young people and inspire them to start think more broadly about U.S.-China relations.

Today’s world faces global challenges that require global solutions.  With China’s growing global impact, learning about modern China is more important than ever to help generations of youth to develop balanced views on U.S.-China affairs.  Our video contest is just one of our programs to help develop better educational resources that will enable young people attain the skills, values, and the multicultural agility needed to solve these interconnected global challenges.

Through Youth Voices, we aim to:

  • Inspire more youth to learn about China and seek balanced views of China
  • Empower youth – powerful agents of social change and our next generation leaders – to put their creativity to work, find their voice and make it heard
  • Understand how young people view U.S. and China today – the perceptions, the stereotypes, and the issues that matter to them
  • Help teachers guide students to submit standout entries, while honing their creativity skills.  See our teacher toolkits, lesson plans and companion curriculum materials  (under development) that integrate the Youth Voices into the classroom learning experience
  • Engage other education stakeholders beyond students – educators, parents, youth organizations, community partners and more, who care about transforming education and help foster a generation that is collaborative and values the common good

Visit the Youth Voices page here.