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Tick tock, our deadline is approaching for our What’s in Your Wok Video Contest! 

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Accepting entries through April 30, 2019

What’s in Your Wok? is the theme of 1990 Institute’s current Video Contest. Food is not just what you eat, but also a reflection of the culture and people of its origin. Our 1990 Institute Video Contest asks you to look around, in your navel and in your fridge, to figure out what place Chinese food has in your life and why.

Food is the universal unifier, and there is no doubt that the gathering, creation and sharing of food plays a role in all of our lives. You may decide that the answer to What’s in Your Wok? is something that has cultural significance: did you know that there are eight major culinary traditions in China? Your video could capture a family member or friend discussing his or her traditions around Chinese food. Or your video may be a reflection of what you or someone you know thinks about Chinese culture and why that person likes or doesn’t like Chinese food. Humor can be a wonderful ingredient. You could make a video of how you or a relative prepares a dish. There are a zillion potential subjects for this 1990 Institute Video Contest – let your imagination be your guide!

Over $5,000 prize pool available.


Cora Yang
Executive Director

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