1990 Institute Video Contest

Deadline April 30, 2019

When is a video contest a peek into a different race, a way to share cultural knowledge and a road to empathetic learning? Anthony Bourdain meets Martin Yan: our 1990 Institute Video Contest is all of the above.

Everyone 13 and older can create a short video about how Chinese food is at the intersection of food, personal story, family history and culture.  Winners can be eligible for over $5,000. 

What’s in Your Wok? is the theme of 1990 Institute’s current 1990 Video Contest. Food is not just what you eat, but also a reflection of the culture and people of its origin. Our 1990 Institute Video Contest asks you to look around, in your navel and in your fridge, to figure out what place Chinese food has in your life and why.

Food is the universal unifier, and there is no doubt that the gathering, creation and sharing of food plays a role in all of our lives. You may decide that the answer to What’s in Your Wok? is something that has cultural significance: did you know that there are eight major culinary traditions in China? Perhaps you or your family have fond memories of a particular dish from one of these cuisines. Your video could capture a family member or friend discussing his or her traditions around Chinese food. Or your video may be a reflection of what you or someone you know thinks about Chinese culture and why that person likes or doesn’t like Chinese food. Humor can be a wonderful ingredient. You could make a video of how you or a relative prepares a dish. Or take a walk in a Chinatown near you to showcase the latest in street food. Who knows? Your video could even end up being shown at a film festival. 

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Video details
  • 3 different age categories:
    • Ages 13-15 (you must be 13 or older to enter)
    • Ages 16-18
    • Ages 18+
  • Video length: maximum 5 minutes
  • Submissions: through 04-30-19
  • Winners announced: on or before 05-31-19
Prizes for each age category
  • 1st place: $1,000
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 3rd place: $250
  • Winning teacher’s prize: $1,000

Your video will be judged on originality, authenticity and how the subject matter ties to Chinese food and traditions.

The video cannot use any intellectual property owned by others. For example, any background music used should be original or available for use without restrictions.

Questions: videocontest@1990institute.org

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