Contest entries now being accepted through May 5, 2019. Winners announced May 31, 2019.

Prizes for each age category
  • 1st place: $1,000
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 3rd place: $250
  • Winning teacher’s prize: $1,000

Your video will be judged on originality, authenticity and how the subject matter ties to Chinese food and traditions.

The video cannot use any intellectual property owned by others. For example, any background music used should be original or available for use without restrictions.


Before your create your video, please review these checklist items below:

And later, as you do your final edit and get ready to submit your video, be sure to revisit this page.

red-check   1. SUBMISSION – All submissions entered here.
red-check   2. THEME & CATEGORY: Address our contest theme — What’s in Your Wok?
red-check   3. FILM YOUR VIDEO in HIGH DEFINITION  and make sure your visuals & audio sound are clean, clear & crisp
red-check   4. OPENING SHOTS & TITLE:

All entries should begin with a 3-5 second full-screen “title screen” that includes the following information:

  • Lead Producer’s name & any team members
  • School name (if applicable)
  • School city, state
  • Title of video  (Please be creative & use a title that reflects your content/subject.  Avoid generic names like “1990 Institute Video Contest “)

Your second opening shot should show a visual of the interview subject(s) include information:

  • His/her name(s) (real name, nickname or other, depending on their privacy preferences)
  • Where your subject(s) is from
  • Your subject’s connection to mainland China in less 5 words or less (citizen, resident, student, cross-border business exec, educator, expertise, etc)
red-check    5. WHAT’S IN YOUR WOK?
This year’s contest addresses how food is at the intersection of personal stories, culture, family history and society. 1990 Institute seeks videos which tell unique stories based on these areas.
red-check   6. PERMISSIONS: Have all the required permissions for persons & copyrighted materials appearing in your video.
red-check   7. ENGLISH SUBTITLES:  As English is the official language, please add subtitles for any non-English portions.  This is very important for our judges and for global audiences.
red-check   8. CREDITS: Make sure you acknowledge all the people that were involved in your video production
red-check   9. VIMEO UPLOAD & OTHER WAYS TO UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO: Your Vimeo upload in HD format should be cost-free, unless it’s over 5GB in size.  Be sure to set the setting so we can download your video.

For those of you in China who cannot access Vimeo, please send your video file to us at by a file transfer service such as WeTransfer (free if under 2 GB) Amazon Cloud Drive (see Amazon Drive China link here), or similar providers.

red-check   10. LENGTH: 5 minutes long or less, including title slide & credits. If it exceeds 5 minutes, we will ask you to edit it down.

Ready to Submit Your Video?

Your Final Submission Steps will be:

(1) Register for  (do this well-in advance)
(2) Upload your video onto with specific settings & information 
(3) Complete our Video Contest Submission Form

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